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     Jiangmen Xinhui District Siqian Xiangyi Metal Products Factory, located in China hardware processing production center: jiangmen xinhui district division before the town of guangdong province, is a private enterprise specializing in the production of kitchen dish rack. Factory production, strict quality management system, production and living order, perfect management system. Our factory products are mainly for iron wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum electroplating raw materials, complete kinds, exquisite appearance, exquisite workmanship, reasonable price. Workshop 6000 square meters, existing staff more than 150 people, an annual production capacity has reached $10 million. < br / > & have spent & have spent Skillful workers, developers, continuous innovation, and QC inspection seriously by the businessman's consistent high praise. On the way of development, we adhere to the people-oriented, the pursuit to the height of the practical and aesthetic combination products, efforts to build a simple and convenient for the customer, elegant living space. Review past, outlook future, cheung yi metal products factory will, as always, for new and old customers to provide quality products and best service. Welcome general merchants to figure to sample order.


Contact:Miss Li  Tel:0750-6583228  Phone:13414176051
Address:Shiqiao Village, Siqian Town, Xinhui District, Jiangmen City 
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