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How to do rust on stainless steel dish rack

2019-11-25 10:28:08

1. Rusting caused by hand scales or fingerprints. If it is not cleaned with a neutral detergent, use a soft cloth or other organic solvent (alcohol, light oil, acetone, etc.) to scrub. If this method is still not completely eradicated, use stainless steel cleaning liquid to remove it.

2, due to iron powder and other appearance caused by a thin rust may not be too severe, you can easily remove the rust with a sponge or cloth, plus a neutral detergent or soapy water to scrub. Then rinse with water, and be careful not to leave the lotion on top.


3. When the appearance of stainless steel is rainbow, it is because the oil is too rusted due to excessive use of detergent, and it can be cleaned and cleaned with warm water detergent when washing.

4. If the coating is destroyed and the rust can not be removed, then it is necessary to take measures to damage the stainless steel surface or damage the stainless steel. At this moment, sandpaper or stainless steel brush can be used for grinding and scrubbing, and then cleaned with cleaning liquid.

5, when using cloth, loofah, nylon sponge, brush hook, brush to clean the appliance, it is necessary to clean along the stainless steel from the parallel cleaning. If the circular cleaning is done, the pollution is not easy to eradicate, and it will damage the shiny surface of the appearance, and it becomes ugly.

6. The trademark and film of the stainless steel exterior should be cleaned with warm water or weak detergent. The binder component should be washed with alcohol or organic solvent.

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