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How to accurately reduce the residue of detergent in stainless steel dish rack

2019-11-25 10:27:04 admin

How to use detergent properly?

Detergent can better remove the oil from the food, but it will damage the skin to a certain extent. Therefore, when it comes into contact with detergent, do not exceed 40 minutes each time (for anti-injury, wear plastic gloves), apply it repeatedly with water after application, and apply hand cream to avoid skin aging.

If the skin is traumatic, it is not suitable for detergent.

Generally, if the tableware is not greasy, do not need to use detergent; fruit and vegetables should be used as little as possible. When it is necessary, the detergent should be diluted and used, and it should be washed several times.


When cleaning dishes with detergent, you can use the following two methods:

1 soak and wash, dilute the detergent with water about 200 to 500 times, and the soaking time is preferably controlled between 2 and 5 minutes. After wiping with a sponge or a rag, the water is washed away.

2 Dish the detergent on a rag or sponge, wipe the tableware with a small amount of water, and then wash it with running water.

It is advocated that the second method is used and the washing effect is better. After the final cleaning, place it on a stainless steel dish rack to drain the water to reduce the growth of bacteria.

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