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Is it necessary to buy a wire rack in the kitchen?

2019-11-25 10:27:38 admin

The dish rack is one of the household items commonly used in our kitchen. With the dish rack, the dishes in the kitchen are more convenient. The dish racks are generally made of stainless steel, so that they can withstand a certain amount of moisture in the kitchen, and there is enough solidity to accept the maximum amount of dishes. The dishes are placed on top for easy use and search.


Is it necessary to buy a dish rack in the kitchen:

Many families are accustomed to putting washed bowls and saucers together in a cupboard, which is not conducive to the ventilation of the dishes. The freshly washed dishes are stacked upside down, which is very simple, and the cabinets are sealed. It is not ventilated, and it is difficult for water to transpire. Naturally, bacteria will be propagated. Some people like to dry the bowl with a dry rag after washing the dishes. However, there are many bacteria on the rag. This seemingly "clean" approach is counterproductive. In addition, the dishes are tied together, and the dirt on the bottom of the previous dish is all on the next dish. It is unsanitary to keep the dishes dry and clean. It is very simple. You can set up an Iron Man bowl around the sink. Disc holder. After the cleaning is completed, the dishes are placed upright and the bowl is buckled on the shelf, so that the dishes can be dried naturally, which is both economical and sanitary. Therefore, my mother has never put the bowl directly into the disinfection cupboard after washing the dishes. At this time, you will know how good the Iron Man kitchen dish rack is.

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