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Stainless steel taboo

2019-11-25 10:12:17

First, it is not appropriate to store oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and vegetable soup, broth, etc. for a long time. Because such foods are rich in electrolytes, stainless steel reacts electrochemically with electrolytes, causing toxic substances to separate and contaminate food, which is detrimental to human health.

Second, it is not advisable to fry Chinese medicine. Under the action of heat, the alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients in the Chinese medicine will chemically react with the stainless steel, which will weaken or invalidate the drug and affect the treatment.

Third, it is not advisable to use stainless steel cookware to fry melon seeds, peanuts, pine nuts and other foods. These foods are also rich in alkaloids and organic acids, and toxic substances will occur at high temperatures.

4. It is not advisable to wash the stainless steel cookware with a hard brush, which will damage the outer protective film and expose the inner layer.

5. Clean stainless steel cookware. It is not advisable to use a strong alkaline or strong oxidizing detergent, as this will cause an electrochemical reaction to damage the protective film of stainless steel.

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