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  • Is it necessary to buy a wire rack in the kitchen?

    The dish rack is one of the household items commonly used in our kitchen. With the dish rack, the dishes in the kitchen are more convenient. The dish racks are generally made of stainless steel, so that they can withstand a certain amount of moisture in the kitchen, and there is enough solidity to accept the maximum amount of dishes. The dishes are placed on top for easy use and search.

    2019/11/25 admin

  • How to accurately reduce the residue of detergent in stainless steel dish rack

    Detergent can better remove the oil from the food, but it will damage the skin to a certain extent. Therefore, when it comes into contact with detergent, do not exceed 40 minutes each time (for anti-injury, wear plastic gloves), apply it repeatedly with water after application, and apply hand cream to avoid skin aging.

    2019/11/25 admin

  • This is the best reason why you should use a wire dish rack.

    After cleaning dishes and knives, many people will habitually tie them together and put them in the cabinet. However, some people say that this kind of seemingly clean and good habit may bring seconda

    2019/11/25 admin

  • What kind of stainless steel dish rack should I choose?

    How to choose kitchen stainless steel dish rackMaterialThe materials used in the dish rack are relatively important, because it is touched with water, vinegar, alkali and other substances for a long t

    2019/11/25 admin

  • Dish storage guidelines

    Guidelines for dish storageThe storage principle of dishes is always in the first place. The modern dishes are mostly made of ceramic materials. They have fragile characteristics. Generally, they fall

    2019/11/25 admin

  • Stainless steel taboo

    First, it is not appropriate to store oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and vegetable soup, broth, etc. for a long time. Because such foods are rich in electrolytes, stainless steel reacts electrochemically w


  • Scientific method of placing dishes

    The practice of placing dishes in science The wrong way of placing dishes: 1. Stack the freshly washed dishes upside down. This will make the dirt on the bottom of the above dish dish on a dish, and the water in the dish will simply accumulate water and breed bacteria. 2. Dry the bowl with a dry rag after washing. This is not desirable because there are many bacteria on the rag.

    2019/11/25 admin

  • How to do rust on stainless steel dish rack

    1. Rusting caused by hand scales or fingerprints. If it is not cleaned with a neutral detergent, use a soft cloth or other organic solvent (alcohol, light oil, acetone, etc.) to scrub. If this method is still not completely eradicated, use stainless steel cleaning liquid to remove it.


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